Low Carb Food

The first part of the Low Carb High Party lifestyle is low carb food. This is our own customized version of other popular low carb diets such as Atkins or the South Beach Diet. Many of my recipes are low carb because they exclude grains, legumes and minimize sugar. This type of low carb diet is brilliant because its effects are not limited to the initial shock-to-your-system-maybe-even-get-into-ketosis weight-loss phase. This low carb diet is also sustainable long-term for maintenance and general healthy living.

The Low Carb High Party way of eating is simple, and that is why it is successful. Unlike most low carb diets, our low carb recipes offer a bit more variety for cooking at home and eating low carb food when you’re out on the town. Our approach to low carb food allows you to live a normal life and not feel deprived the way you do on most diets. In fact, it is this feeling that spawned the name Low Carb High Party. While you are following the Low Carb High Party lifestyle, you can still have fun, savor your food, enjoy delicious cocktails and live life!

If you are not already following another nutrition program such as the 21 Day Fix or Paleo, my method is a good way to transition to a Low Carb High Party lifestyle. I was once a “carboholic” and following this low carb diet is the way I was able to wean myself off carbs for the first time and then transition to the even cleaner way of eating I do now.

It goes like this: 3 days “On Diet” followed by 1 day “Off Diet”. Eat and repeat!

On Diet:

  • Breakfast: carbs are OK
  • Lunch: NO carbs
  • Dinner: NO carbs
Off Diet:
  • Carbs are OK all day!

Our low carb lifestyle is that easy! For more information about what foods are “On Diet” check out our food and recipe posts where we will share our Low Carb High Party original recipes and test drive other low carb recipes from around the internet. We will also share pertinent food reviews and articles, create menus, shopping lists and share tidbits on how to maximize the Low Carb High Party experience.

Please keep in mind, the Low Carb High Party experience is not a medical diet and I am not a medical doctor. This lifestyle blog is based upon personal experience and what works for me.

Low Carb High Party is a for profit endeavor and generates revenue through sponsored campaigns and possibly affiliate links. Sponsored posts, campaigns and any other paid content will be clearly labeled. Any opinions and/or endorsements are honest and are those of the author only.